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How is made

It is a "work" electric scooter and can travel without problems in restricted traffic areas. Moped as a moped has a load capacity on the luggage carriers of 90 kg, but the most interesting dowry of the Cargoscooter is the declared autonomy: 120 km for the "top" version Miracle possible thanks to the 4 battery modules (the other versions have 2 or 3) rechargeable more than 2,000 times. The basic version can reach 60 km. The batteries are in the central tunnel, keep the center of gravity low and leave the saddle free. The Cargoscooter was an Italian project created for public administrations: the Swiss Post has been using it for years. The available versions are reconstructed and updated by Electricgarage, the display is totally digital with numerous spies, but all of easy interpretation. the trunk, is very large and is mounted on a luggage rack that can withstand weights up to 70 kg.

How is going

It is compact, but spacious: particularly the footboards on the sides of the central tunnel, even if a little protruding. The heavy weight is felt in the maneuvers from stationary, but penalizes the agility only at full load. The mass of the engine instead is heard when bent to the left. The shot is lightning (especially in "fast") ,. The 60 km range of the basic test model is sufficient for a day's work. As in the most refined electric vehicles, there is a system that allows you to recharge the batteries during braking, thus increasing the effective range. The batteries are equipped with a diagnostic system and the mechanics are extremely robust and reliable. the set up by us also includes metal containers front and back with anti-theft lock.

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