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Sur Ron Light Bee

ENDURO 2.0 Sur Ron Light Bee rappresenta la massima espressione tecnica dell’Enduro leggero elettrico votato al divertimento e alla facilità di guida nel pieno rispetto dell’ambiente. Comprala adesso:


Lenght: 1870 mm
Width: 780 mm
Height: 1040 mm
Wheelbase: 1260 mm
Minimum height from the ground: 270 mm
Total weight of the vehicle: 50 kg
Weight on the front axle: 24 kg
Weight on the rear axle: 26 kg
Maximum load capacity: 100 kg


Steering head angle: 26 °
Turning angle: 46 °
Fork excursion: 200 mm
Rear wheel travel: 87/210 mm


Maximum rotation speed: 4500r / min Nominal Power: 3kw Power Race version: 5kw
Speed ​​Code: 45 Km / h - Speed ​​race version 75 Km / h
Cooling method: Air circulation
Maximum slope exceedable: 35 °
Range: 100km (@ 20km / h)
Maximum torque: 200N.m
Transmission ratio: 1: 7.6
Transmission Type: Belt Primary + Chain Secondary

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