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Twy-Rain introduce the NEW TWY-RAIN ; the first window for TWIZY high protection with a real thermal seal. In fact the real problem of the rigid windows seen so far was that being open in the back area to allow access to the handle in addition to triggering vibrations they ended up generating an excessive flow of air inside and therefore did not allow an acceptable temperature inside the vehicle if not dressing as motocruclear ones. moreover the absence of stops made them noisy at high speeds. TWY-RAIN instead, thanks to the lateral sliding door, it has been patented with specific peculiarities that obviate these drawbacks: firstly the material of which is established, the LEXAN DU PONT is clearly superior to the competition. secondly, a quarter-circle porthole has been created on the side which acts as well as for access to the handle, also to allow the air to be partitioned as desired. and finally, in the upper front part of the glass there are two small rubber-coated levers which, once rotated, guarantee the blocking of the glass against the deflector and therefore avoid annoying drafts. The TWY_RAIN; is the only one which can also be used at 85 hours without problems. The gasket is much thicker than the competing products and the glass is shaped so as to close also the back of the glass. the result is that even in winter and in mountain areas there is a good interior comfort that turns into a pleasant warmth by combining the windows to the new timed heater that you will find exclusively from THE PACKAGE CONTAINS TWO WINDOWS. the price is for a right and left COUPLE of windows.

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